Tuesday, September 25, 2007

R.R.J 2


Klein, S. (2006, November 20). Accounting Teacher Or Hell's Angel?; Not Sure? Neither Are His Students, At First. Retrieved September 10, 2007, from Crain's Chicago Business.


In S. Klein's article, she talks about proffessor Frank Nekrasz, who teaches accounting at the University Of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. First she discusses how the students are convused about thier professor and how they mixed him up with another student. Some students said some comments about Mr. Nekrasz like he has a strange look. Next she explains what Mr. Nekrasz told his students in the first two lessons, and how he uses his work experience which attracts his students. Then she tells some important issues in Mr. Nekrasz's life, for example, where/when he has graduated, how he is smart, and where/when he got the doctarate in accounting. Fainally she says that Mr. Nekrasz has taken some dancing lessons with his girlfriend to exercise his brain and his girlfriend mentions that she likes his curiosity. In conclusion this article duscusses some intersting things about an accountanting proffessor.


My major is teaching assistant in the accounting department of King Saud University in Saudi Arabia so I was intersted in reading about one example of what I'm going to be, who is Mr. Nekrasz, an accounting proffessor, and how his students express thier feeling about him based on his apperance. The best part I like in this article is the spcial way that Mr. Nekrasz use to explain when he use his feedback as an accountant and tells a real story he has faced which attracted the students' attention. I hope I use the same technique when i become a professor. Moreover, I like when he cares about his social life which shows professors can be successful in many parts of thier lives.. I hope to be one of them

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