Thursday, September 13, 2007

R.R.J 1


Truby, D. (2006, April). A teacher's guide to sticky situations: solutions and strategies for teaching's unexpected challenges. Retrieved September 03, 2007, from


This article discusses issues and problams that could meet the person who works as a teacher and how he/she solves these matters. Being a teacher demands some skills to face the major events during work, especially if he/she teachs children, because thier age is the basic time to built their personalities. Good relation with the student's parents is an effective way to understand student's personality and problams which will lead the teacher to treat every student's matters in a particular way. Finding a good topic to talk about with colleagues in the work or handling any matters related to them is an important thing you should care about to improve your work environment. Precuding the students that a teacher trusts them and expects the best from them is a good technique to have an effective students. In conclusion this article shows some events could meet the teacher during work and gives a solution to solve this matter.


I am working as a T.A. in a university so I was attracted to read about this article, although I don't teach children, but it shows me some skills in educational careers, which is a hard thing because we are facing different people, personalities, minds and cultures. For me the most important issues in my job are to improve my skills in presentation and explantion and to build a good relation with my students becuase it is kind of a social job which demands an active person. Moreover I should highlight the different rules to pass my subject. In my opinion this article covers some supportive solution to face the troubles which could meet the teacher, so I agree with the points which have been discussed in this article.

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