Monday, October 8, 2007

R.R.J 3


Rout, M. (2007, July 25). Free degrees to Lure accountants. The Australian (Australia), Retrieved September 22, 2007, from


In m. Rout’s article, she discusses the fact that there is a big need for accountants, but there are not many accountants and there are some efforts to get the students’ attention to choose the accounting major during their study in the university. First, she explains how to attract the high school students to work as accountants that will lead them to study accounting in the university and how to change their impression about accounting. Next, she says that there are not many accountants these days and maybe in the future there will be just a few accountants. Finally, she talks about how the accountant is a good job with a good salary. In conclusion, this article shows accounting is important and students should know about that in an effort to study that in the university.


I have worked as an accountant before my current job, so I was attracted to read about my last career and how it is important for business life. The issue I like most in this article is how to show accounting are not numbers and some calculations, but it is an interesting job. My personal opinion is accounting is an exciting job, especially when I worked as an auditor, I really enjoyed it because I looked like a detective looking for some missing numbers. I agree with the article and if someone ever has the chance to study accounting, don’t miss it.

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