Tuesday, October 9, 2007

R.R.J 4


Robbins, T. (2007, August 18). Smart start early; Education. The Age (Melbourne, Australia). Retrieved October 1, 2007, from http://www.lexisnexis.com.proxy.lib.siu.edu


In T. Robbins's article, he explains that the summer program in consultancy KPMG office is a good opportunity for the last year students in different majors such as accounting, law, and finance to get a good job after they graduate. First, he talks about how the summer program is a good chance to contact or to be in the mood of your future career. Next, he discusses two different examples of two successful students who have joined the summer program in KPMG office and what is their observation about the program. Finally, he explains the different work fields of KPMG and how the HR manager of KPMG plans to recruit the students. In conclusion, he would like to show that the summer program in KPMG is a good chance to touch the real world of your future career and to have a practical experience in the professional environment. Moreover, to show that KPMG office offers a good job, when the students join the summer program.


I have worked as a trainee in the consultancy KPMG office in Saudi Arabia, so I was attracted to read about the summer program in KPMG and how this program builds your knowledge and your skills about your future career and offers a good job when you join it. In my opinion this program is an excellent experiment, especially when I went to the clients and touched the real world of auditing. My recommendation to all of the accounting students in the last year of their study is to join any summer program in any consultancy office.

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