Tuesday, October 9, 2007


The most stressful aspect of the TOEFL is the TOEFL itself. There are many reasons making the TOEFL a very stressful event. For example, first, I can't sleep the night before taking the TOEFL, I just keep thinking about the test. Second, I worry about how I can manage my time during the TOEFL test. Third, I worry about I can keep concentrating during the TOEFL test, during the three hours. Fourth, I always think about the TOEFL as the door I should open to study in the university because it is required. Fifth, the last two weeks before the TOEFL test, I usually keep doing many practice tests to be in the mood for the TOEFL and that gives me stress. Sixth, some people make noise during the test by keep moving their feet on the floor and that is really stressful thing for me. Seventh, the third part of listening is very stressful because it always becomes as a long lecture about some majors I didn't study before. Finally, the TOEFL test conditions cause many physical and psychological reactions.

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