Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Population Control Policies

If you have the chance to choose between having children or just having fun without children's matters in this life, what your choice is going to be? Population control policies is the best way to have both children and fun in this life. Population control policies are existence and have been applied in some coutries like. Population control policies should put in place to control our reproduction and our number of children. There are many positive points of putting population control policies in place, for example, we will have better health, less pollution and better standard of living.

First, population control policies will offer a better health for the people. Diseases spread slower in the low or moderated population areas, so the diseases will decrease, for example, malarias, viruses and bird flu. Moreover with the low population, governments can care about the health of more people because with the high population, we will have many cases needs more money for treatment but with the modorate population, the goverment will care better about their people, for example, there are enough beds in the hospitals and there are acceptable prices for the drugs. everyone should care about his/her health by saying yes to the population control policies and support to put them in place because they are efficiency to decrease the diseases and to offer a better health services from the goverments.

Second, population control policies will decrease the rate of pollution. If there are fewrer people, there will be fewer cars which will decrease the rate of the population. There are many large cities with high rates of pollution because of the high population such as, New York, Chicago and LA. One more advantage of the low population is that there is no more people will use the wood or cut down the trees, which are one of the natural ways to clear the air. There are many uses of the wood, for example, for warming, for cooking and for building. So we can notice how important the population control policies are for our environment when we have less pollution from the cars and less waste of the trees.

Finally, population control policies will increase the standards of living. When we have moderate number of population, our government will care more about our education. For example, we will have enough seats in the schools, enough seats in the universities and more scholarships. Furthermore, with the few members of the family, parents could save more money and could offer better life for themselves and for their children, for example, traveling in vacations, good house and good car. Certainly, there are effects of population control policies on our standard of living positively when the government can care more about our education and when each single family can save more money to enjoy their life more and more.

Opponents of the population control policies claim that population control policies should not put in place because some of them say that with more people, we will have economic power. However, this argument is illogical because population control policies could offer better economic. With population control policies, we will save much more money because of the few number of the family members to educate ourselves and our children about new skills and technologies in the life, which will lead our economic to rise up, for example, learn soft wearing and languages. One more important thing that population control policies could will offer more chances to work or more available jobs for the citizens, so they will have better income to improve their economic situation. There are many countries facing the problem of there are no available jobs for their people because of the high population, for example, Egypt and Morocco. Population control policies is a great way to improve our knowledge and our income to have a better economic situation.

In conclusion, we see how population control policies is beneficial for our life in order to have a good health, better environment and higher standard of living for people. Population control policies is one of the best ways to enjoy our life by having limited number of children and care more about them. Governments also will have a great opportunity to offer and show more services to their citizens. Imagine that someday we have one person in every square meter, how our life is going to be. There is no doubt that we will cover every single job in our country and we will have to travel away to fine a job. Why we don’t start to apply the population control policies through our life and see what is the different between us and the people who don’t apply with population control policies.

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