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Cloned Food

Cloned Food
In Guterl’s (2008) article entitled "Would You Like Fries With Your Clone?" he introduces the topic of eating clone food and he says that cloning food is not a dangerous. First, he mentions that some organizations are going to permit cloned food to be sold to consumers and he talks about the history of GM food beside the problems of GM food. Next, he gives the background on GM food and compares Europe who don’t like GM food to Americans who don’t care about GM food, but both want labels on GM food. Then, he asks if cloned food is dangerous or not and he shows that cloning could improve the US farmers business. He writes that farmers have already cloned some cows and he compares the milk and the meet between original and cloned cows. Finally, he discusses the genetic effects of the cloning and shows that there is no evidence could prove that cloned food is dangerous. In conclusion, the author says that cloned food is not harmful food and it is coming in the way; therefore cloning food will probably be used widely in coming years in USA and Europe.
What did you eat today? Do you know if is original food or copy? Do you know what the copy food is? Copy food is the cloned food from the original and it has many disadvantages. Unfortunately, cloned food is on the way to the markets. We should not buy cloned food because we do not know everything about it yet, small farmers may lose their business and cloning may affect the genes.

First, we do not know everything about cloned food. It may create some diseases in the future. Stress is one of the greatest examples of the effects of the new technologies that we start to use in our life without knowing the future influence of them. According to "Mobiles Linked to Disturbed Sleep" (2008) the author says that the radiations ,which are produced from using the mobiles, could disturb the forming of the hormone melatonin that manage our bodies internal rhythms. New technologies may cause many matters in our life that could lead us to000 bad conditions. Cloned food may create a new generation of people who are not healthier because this cloned food may not have the same beneficial values as the original food. For example, fresh food has better values than not fresh food and when you buy an original Armani jeans, it will be better than copying Armani jeans. We should understand that the original is better than the copying and we should not lose our money in low quality stuff. So, people should say; we are not guinea pigs that cloning organizations making their food for us beside they do not know the effects of the cloned food on people and they are not sure about the quality of the their cloned food.

Second, small farmers may lose their business because of cloned food. Big farmers will increase their production to raise their profits, but small farmers may be eliminated from the business or the market. For example, in stock markets the small investors often lose because they do not have experience and they do not have much money to remedy their losses in the markets. Some families may be affected with no income when the markets supported by the cloned food instead of the original food that they used to grow in their farms. For example, many shops have been closed because of Wal Mart because Wal Mart dominated the market and attracted many customers. People should not buy the cloned food and think about the small farmers because when they closed their farms, their children will suffer and may steal to live. We should think about each other and protect our source of income and other people sources income to live in pace.

Finally, cloning may affect the genes and change the appearance of the animals and the plants. Some researchers found that there is an influence of cloning on the genes. No one will be happy if he/she sees some cows with four ears or an apple inside a watermelon. With cloning animals may have strange looking with different DNA, which will produce a new generation of freak animals with one eye, two noses and with six hands? These animals are not the original animal that we use to see in the farms or in the TV. Furthermore, some of these strange animals are going to be our food, which may deliver some strange DNA to human. we are fine now with our original food and we do not like to change it to some alternative food that may affect our genes or change the normal look of the animals and the plants.

In conclusion, cloned food is not an original food that we can depend on, and we should not use it in our life. People should say no to cloned food because we don't know everything about it, small farmers may lose their business and cloned food may affect the DNA. Companies that producing clones food should understand that we are human beings and we are not going to be their guinea pigs to check if there are any future effects of their product. We have to care about ourselves and do not eat any food that we are not sure about the future effect of it. We do not want to have any kind of diseases in the future and we should protect our health. Imagine that one of your children had a dangerous disease because of the cloned food, would you be satisfied?

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