Tuesday, March 4, 2008

How Important are The Parenting Classes

When was the last time your child crying while you were shopping in Wal Mart? What did you do? Do you need help? Parenting classes are issued to educate us about the effective ways to grow up our children and how to offer a great future for them. Any child in his/her first years looks like a pizza that we can add anything we like on it and remove anything we don't like from it before we put it in the oven. Sanders (2007), says that "The key to prevention of antisocial behavior in young people is the quality of parenting children receive in the early years of life" (para 5). It is so important to focus on our children's first years because it is easy to deal with them and to build great values in their personalities. Many parents have troubles with their children because of the lack of the appropriate skills in some situations. Parents should take parenting classes to solve their children problems successfully, to offer better future for their children and to have better relationships with their children.

First, parenting classes will help the parents to solve their children's problems successfully. Parents will learn the current or the new generation matters that their children may face in the schools or outside the schools and how to protect them. There are different dangerous problems that children may have like homosexual people and drugs. In addition, parents will learn many skills and techniques to deal with their children and solve their problems. For example when parents find one of their children smoking, what should they do? Or when they find one of their children using drugs, how can they solve this problem? The answers of all of these questions are in the parenting classes that all of the parents should take. They will learn how to encourage their children and how to treat all of the negative events that their children may have during their first years.

Second, parenting classes will help the parents to offer better future for their children. There are many good ethics that every parent should build in their children to make them acceptable in any society. We should explain all of the great values to our kids and how these great values will help them to avoid the negative future. So, when we educate our kids to be honest they will not steal and they will not cheat. Sanders (2007), writes that "Children who grow up in family environments of criticism, negativity, uncertainty, inadequate monitoring and supervision and family conflict are at greater risk of becoming involved in crime" (para 4). Therefore, we understand that parents affect their children by moving their habits to their children or by educating them any value. We should educate our kids who to be honest, polite and confident. Moreover, parenting classes will help the parents to care more about their children's health and education. Parents will protect their children from any disease by offering a clean environment around them and using disinfectant materials to clean the house. We should care more about our children's education by talking with them about their dreams in the future, encouraging them to get the high scores and offering some gifts when they get high grades. We are dreaming to offer a good future, education and health for our children and all of our dreams can be true with the parenting classes.

Finally, parenting classes will help the parents to have better relationship with their children. Some parents do not have a good relationship with their children because they do not discuss their problems with them, they do not attend their parties in the schools and they do not go out with them during the weekend. Parenting classes will teach us about all of these things to be closer to our children. Furthermore, parenting classes will explain to us how to correct our children's bad behaviors. Many children behave negatively inside houses or outside, such as beating the other children, destroying the toys and crying a lot to get anything. To avoid our neighbor's complains when our sons beat their sons, we should attend the parenting classes to solve all of these bad behaviors.

Opponents of parenting classes say that parents should not take parenting classes because their grandparents didn't take parenting classes and they are fine. However, this argument is untrue because this is not the agricultural society or the industrial society, it is the information society. Now, there are many new technologies that our children could see or se and there are many dangerous behaviors in the Internet or in the play station games such as, raping or killing the people. Life has been improved and with this improvement we should improve our knowledge by attending the parenting classes. Before, parents used to beat the children if they did something wrong, but many psychologists recommend people not to beat their children anymore because they brake their children personalities. There are many practical skills that we should learn to educate our kids and the best way to know these skills is the parenting classes.

In conclusion, parents should take and attend the parenting classes. There are many benefits from taking the parenting classes such as, we will solve our children problems successfully, we will offer better future for our children, and we will have better relationships with our children. People should start the parenting classes to build a great generation for the future. Imagine that our children become murders, we will feel guilty, and we will regret that we did not attend the parenting classes. We know it is easy to have children, but it is not easy to have good children.

Sanders, M. (2007, November 27). Parents have lessons to learn. The Courier Mail. 24, Retrieved February 01, 2008, from LexisNexis database.

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